Corporate Social Responsibility

We have many opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Arts Programme

All our Arts Programme projects take CSR contributions.

Sustainable Architecture

For example the Sustainable Architecture courses are an excellent way for architects, engineers, building technology and sustaible energy companies to engage with young people, advance learning about sustaible buildings and promote language skills in future professionals.

  • Could teach how solar panels work and how to build them?
  • Have a lab where teenagers could discover how how insulation, ventilation and humidity are linked?
  • Expert in life cycle analysis of environmental impact of building materials?
  • Have staff members who speak many different native languages?

Welcome to Sustainable Architecture!

Script Festival

The Script Festival invites CSR from companies that work in publishing, journalism and education.  

  • Could you teach Arabic-English bilingual teenagers write news artiticles in both languages?
  • Would you know how to give a workshop on how text is translated?
  • Could you help to organise a campaign to attract book donations from your language community?

Volunteer for Script!

Business rather unusual 

We also constantly need pro bono help in developing our ethical business practices?

In particular finance, iaccounting, nsurance and employment law are always relevant areas. For example, could you help us write family-friendly employment contracts designed for multilingual parents? No standard contact template will do in our case. 

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