Peter Pan Musical Theatre Camp 2014. Photo: Minna Temiseva Photography

The story

Bilingual Potential is built on shameless dreaming. It is about not accepting that the world as it is, not if the status quo is not what people need.

How did I come to dedicate my life to every child's right to learn and use the langauge of their parents? 

I really do not like to write about myself, but now I'm finally writing the personal story that took me here. In the meantime I leave you with this photo taken by my friend Minna Temisevä at the performance of Peter Pan, the musical, at the end of the second Finnish Theatre Camp in Britain in February 2014. 

I founded these national theatre arts events for Finnish speaking young people in Britain in 2012 and ran them for four years, i.e. as long as my own children wanted to go.

The National Theatre Camps were the first practical application of my PhD research on social factors affecting minority language maintenance and loss in bilingual children in London. They were my emergy action to create a meaningful forum for creative thinking, self-expression and friendship for older children who speak Finnish, but cannot find others to share it with them. 

I created the camps in collaboration with two organisations I have long been involved with: the Finnish church in London and the Finnish Theatre in London. They are wonderful organisations that are an essential part of my Finnish London.