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Perhe maailmalla -project logo

Family Abroad / Perhe maailmalla -project

I am one of the expert panel members for this fantastic Finnish project for expat families. 

The Family Abroad / Perhe maailmalla -project originated from years of labour of love by Tuija Tammelander, the head of the Finnish global distance school Kulkuri. Kulkuri school offers the entire famous Finnish school curriciculum, or any part of it, as a distance learning option that can be studied from abroad. 

Most families that use Kulkuri school are Finns living temporarily abroad - expats in short. Perhe maailmalla -project is for them, all the way from planning the move, through to settling in and eventually overcoming the transition back to Finland. 

Perhe maailmalla is a collaboration between two organisations that I rate very highly: The wonderful  Finnish Life Long Learning Foundation and Suomi-seura the (Finland Society) that is the largest charity for Finns abroad.

What I love about this project is that it has brought together an absolutely superb set of people in its expert panel, all working together to create resources for families abroad.

For example we have:

You bet I'm looking forward to these meetings.

Perhe maailmalla project is funded by STEA - the Finnish Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisatio

For information about the project please contact the project director Milla Holmberg - milla.holmberg(a) 


Home elsewhere / Koti toisaalla -blog

The project has a blog called "Koti toisaalla". It means "Home elsewhere". Members of the expert panel, parents of expat families and invited experts write really good articles for this blog. I warmly recommend it to Finnish families living temporarily abroad. 

In April 2020 I tipped my toe into publishing in Finnish, first time in years, as my joint article with Kaisa Pankakoski was published in the Koti toisaalla -blog.

Kaisa and I are both Finnish community activists in the UK and researchers of bilingual family interaction. Kaisa is the founder of Finnish Saturday school in Cardiff and she is currently working on her PhD project at the Cardiff University. 

Our article is called: Kieli kasvaa lasta kuuntelemalla. (Eng. Language grows by listening to the child.)