Bilingual Family Consultancy


"The consultancy was effective - my child now speaks pure Finnish language. Mixed sentences appear very rarely and he notices them himself and self-corrects by switching to Finnish or asking me how to say it in Finnish."

This impact was achieved in six weeks from a baseline where the 4-year-old child had stopped speaking Finnish after starting early years education. 

Consultancy available for any language combination, anywhere. Working languages: English, Finnish and Italian. 

Bilingual Family Consultancy

With this method of Bilingual Speech Activation you don't need to change your whole life to transform children's bilingual development.

"A little tweak gets children to speak"

You can make a big ifference by doing exactly the right thing at the right time. 

"Soile developed a customized consulting programme for me, presenting a relevant theoretical framework in a practical way and providing powerful strategies that I could put in action right away with my bilingual child. She gave me motivation by pointing out what is going well already and what I can do differently. I will definitely continue to work with her in the future. I highly recommend you to get in touch with her for valuable knowledge, theories and strategies on bilingualism."  (Feedback from a family client in Canada)

Soile is taking new Bilingual Family Consultancy clients for 2021


Bilingual Family Consultancy

Families with any language combination can use our Bilingual Family Consultancy.

Soile works in English, Finnish and Italian. 

Soile will assess your current situation and then write a tailored proposal for how she could help your family. 

To enquire about an assessment email soile ( at ) 


Bilingual Speech Activation

Most clients seek help to get their children to speak the language of the minority language parent.

If your child won't speak your language, it is important to seek help swiftly. This is not a phase. It is a sign that your child's bilingual development is sliding towards the language being lost.

Things will not get better by doing more of the same. A change in parenting strategy is needed and, contrary to the standard practice, that does not involve adding input or exposure. 

Through a Bilingual Speech Activation consultancy you can learn the skills and knowledge you need to turn things around for your child. Sometimes change can be surprisingly fast.

When you apply your new Bilingual Speech Activation skills correctly, you can see the change happen in front of your eyes - just like described in the client testimonials above.

No specific putcome can be guaranteed. We work session by session to achieve the next step.

What problems can Bilingual Speech Activation solve?

Bilingual Speech Activation can help a bilingual family when...

  • a toddler is saying words only in one language.

  • a child says words in two languages, but forms sentences only in one language.

  • a child stops speaking a language they have previously spoken.

  • a child prefers to respond in the "wrong" language.

  • a child asks you to stop speaking your native language.


How long does Bilingual Speech Activation take?

Typical time scale for a Bilingual Speech Activation consultancy is 3-6 sessions over a preiod of 3-6 months, depending on your child's baseline, the type of problem, the objective you want to work towards, the speed of progress and your commitment to speech activation. 

Bilingual Speech Activation is a long-term solution

Bilingual Speech Activation gives you the control you need to enjoy bilingual parenting.

Once you have learned these skills, you have them for life.

Whenever the problems start to re-emerge, you know exactly how to resolve them swiftly.

Complex cases

Private one-to-one consultancy the best way to work on complex cases.

Situations where parents have sought this kind of consultancy have included:

  • Multilingual family issues such as prioritising languages when there are too many.

  • Resolving social isolation of a family member when the family does not have a shared language.

  • Bilingual child with social and communication problems.

  • Bilingual child with additional learning needs.

  • Bilingual child missing early language development milestones.

  • Bilingual child having language delay in both languages.

  • Crisis in expat family at any stage of an international move.

  • Schooling in a language that is completely new to the child.


Consultancies for happy topics

  • Learning to read in 2 or 3 native-like languages.

  • Activating the minority language of a younger sibling, when the older sibling speaks two native-like languages


Planning a private family consultancy

Private family consultancies always include many additional question at the planning stage.

During the consultancy there is usually data collection and analysis of authentic family interaction.

Sometimes complex consultancies require assessments from another professional, such as a peadiatrician, neurologist, speech patologist or developmental psychologist.


For more information on tailored 1-to-1 services email Soile at

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