Bilingual Family Services

Confidential advice on bilingual parenting

Bilingual Family Services

Confidential advice on bilingual parenting


"The consultancy was effective - my child now speaks pure Finnish language. Mixed sentenses appear very rarely and he notices them himself and self-corrects by switching to Finnish or asking me how to say it in Finnish."

This impact was achieved in six weeks from a baseline where the 4-year-old child had stopped speaking Finnish after starting early years education. 

Our services are available globally in English, Finnish and Italian. 

Bilingual Family Services

"Soile developed a customized consulting programme for me, presenting a relevant theoretical framework in a practical way and providing powerful strategies that I could put in action right away with my bilingual child. She gave me motivation by pointing out what is going well already and what I can do differently. I will definitely continue to work with her in the future. I highly recommend you to get in touch with her for valuable knowledge, theories and strategies on bilingualism."  (Feedback from a family client in Canada)


Private family consultancy

All consultancies begin with a family information questionnaire about your family and the issues you are facing at the moment. Based on the questionaire analysis Soile writes a consultancy proposal regarding the topic and the scope of the consultancy. When we have agreed the kind of work we would like to do together, we book forward for a start date. 

Please not that currently Soile's client portfolio is full. There is a waiting list for families who have gone through the baseline questionnaire and consultancy agreement stage.


New online services coming up including speech activation 

Due to the raising demand, and the spread of our clients accross the time zones, we are developing a range of new online services that families will be able to access whenever is most practical for them.

These new services will include a range of online courses and will gradually cover many common bilingual parenting issues including a simplified version of the bilingual speech activation, our best selling family consultancy package. 

These new services will be published under the banner of Bilingual Cake. The new services will offer a far more inclusive price range including the Bilingual Cake book, webinars and new online courses that are cheaper than working privately with Soile. 


Complex cases 

As our range of services expands, we want to give priority to the most complex and serious cases in private family consultancy. Situations where parents have sought this kind of consultancy have included:

  • Resolving social isolation and family fragmentation resulting from family language profile.
  • Child with social and communication problems.
  • Child with additional learning needs.
  • Child missing early language development milestones.
  • Healthy child having language development delay in two languages. 
  • Crisis at diffent stages of a global transition for work.
  • Schooling in a language that is completely new to the child.

​​Complex consultancies can also be about happy topics, for example:

  • Multiliteracy for child with 2 or 3 native-like languages.
  • Activating the minority language of a younger sibling of a child with two native-like languages. 

Private family consultancies always include many additional question at the planning stage. During the consultancy there is always data collection and analysis of authentic family interaction data throughout the process. 

Sometimes these types of consultancies require assessments from or partnership work with another professional, such as peadiatrician, neurologist, speech patologist or developmental psychologist.