Bilingual Potential Mission Statement

We believe that children should be supported to thrive in all the languages they need in their family and local society. Bilingualism does not undermine English. Being bilingual in the UK means being a good communicator both in English and in another language. 

It is not either-or. 

It is both and more

Our mission is to promote every child’s right to learn and use the language of their parents regardless of whether that language is used by most people in the country where they live.

(UN Convention on the Rights of the child, Article 30.)

That means enabling bilingualism. We do that through:

ART: Running an Arts Programme in and about minority languages.

CAKE: Organising events where adults can learn about bilingual parenting.

PARENTS: Providing family and workplace-based consultancy on bilingual parenting.

PUPILS: Working with schools to tap into the multilingual learning potential of pupils.

CORPORATE: Providing services for employers with diverse and/or internationally mobile staff. 

LEARNING: Developing pioneering Learning Services that families can access directly.


We are quite strong on values. 

All languages are equal to us. We provide services for any language, as long as participants subscribe to the values of sustainability, democracy and human rights.

Bilingualism should not be a privilege of the few. We aim to open the opportunity of learning new languages to English monolinguals and to people who already live with multiple languages.

Art is important for human wellbeing. We promote minority language art for children and young people and invite people to explore art created by others.

Everyone has the right to participate in the society they are part of. Learning the local language is a responsibility, but also a right as it gives access to participation.

Our work on English concentrates on empowering children falling behind in English at school. This can happen to children from all language backgrounds and at all levels of learning. 

We believe in learning democracy through practicing it. In our Learning and Arts Programmes we practice skills needed to work and lead democratically. We provide school consultancy to develop democracy through professional practice. In family consultancy we support children's voice as part of family decision making processes. 

Years of piloting have shown that learning outcomes can be pretty impressive when you operate like this.

It is time to share and build services for multilingual London.