Bilingual Potential Mission Statement

We believe that children should be supported to thrive in all the languages they need in their family and local society.

Our mission is to promote every child’s right to learn and use the language of their parents' regardless of whether that language is used by most people in the country where they live. (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 30.)

The Bilingual Potential mission is to enable bilingualism where children's life circumstances call for it. It is about helping children speak their parents' languages by teaching parents how to help their own children. When parents learn effective bilingual parenting skills it makes bilingual parenting much easier and bilingual family life more effortless. We do this through:


Soile's blog is a good way to find out about us and what we do.

The Bilingual Cake ebook based on Soile's Bilingual Cake talk. If you would like to know when the ebook is published, you can join our product launches mailing list.

At Bilingual Potential we take our values seriously:

  • All languages are equal to us. We provide services for any language, as long as participants subscribe to the values of sustainability, democracy and human rights.
  • We believe that bilingualism should not be a privilege of the few and should not depend on money. For this reason we offer free visits to community language schools.
  • Everyone has the right to participate in the society they are part of. Learning the local language is a responsibility, but also a right as it gives access to participation.

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Bilingual Potential - Speaking the Parents' Language