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One-to-one advice

Confidential advice on bilingual parenting in the workplace

It can be hard for a working parent to find time for extra meetings and appointments on family matters. Sometimes it can be more practical to bring a bilingualism specialist in the workplace for a day.

Any workplace can book a day of one-to-one advice sessions on bilingual parenting. There can be 4-6 advice sessions in a day. They need to be pre-booked, so that we can carry out a pre-assessment to use the one-to-one time in the most effective way possible. 

The advisory sessions last 50 minutes and cost £120/appointment for central London locations. The pre-assessment is included in the price. 

The appointments can take place in any small meeting room for 2-3 people. 


NB: The vast majority of questions parents seek advice for are well suited for one-to-one advisory sessions. However, some questions are too complex and require a family consultancy. The pre-assessment questionnaire will highlight these situations. For more information on family consultancy see:


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