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Face of Migration - Trine (Den) & Knut (Nor) by Minna Rossi Photography
Face of Migration - Trine (Den) & Knut (Nor) by Minna Rossi Photography

Nordic London Festival 2017

The Face of Migration 

Saturday 4 - Sunday 26 February 2017 

Nordic London Festival 2017 is on its way. Lot of work has already taken place during the summer as you can read from below. Festival organisation begins in earnest in September 2016. Ticket sales and Open Mic slot reservations will open on 5th November. Remember, remember the Nordic November? 

Performance opportunities for artists

Nordic Saturday Nights: get in touch, there are several different ways in which you performance could be part of the Saturday Nights programme. 

Nordic Film Wednesdays (8, 15 and 22 Feb) offer an opportunity for three Nordic film or TV professionals to be a special guest for one of our a fireside talks about the professions behind the products we see on screen. Each guest will represent a different Nordic country and a different profession of the film industry. The evenings will be hosted by London-based film professionals who curate this year's series. 

Sunday Trails (5, 12 and 19 Feb): Nordic Sunday Trails showcase the ways in which Nordic Londoners contribute to London life. Nordic businesses and organisations are invited to put their best foot forward and open their doors to the general public. This is an opportunity to reach new audiences and raise the profile of Nordic London. The themes are Nordic History, Nordic Food and Nordic Design. 

Nordic Question Time (Sun 26 Feb): Nordic London after Brexit. Lot of substance, relaxed style. Panellists will represent different Nordic countries and different professions such as science, politics, business, diplomacy, arts, law, journalism, education, economics… Londoners will provide tricky questions and robust debate from the audience. 

Media: We aim to raise the profile of Nordic cultural and social contribution to London, and to introduce to the British audience the concept of Norden and Nordic collaboration. Can you help us attract mainstream media coverage in the UK and in our respective countries?

Student opportunities: Photography, film and journalism students from Nordic countries studying in the UK can send a contact form to propose how they would like to report on the festival. This can also be used as an assignment project for coursework. The types of products might include photo reportage, articles, news inserts, radio broadcasts, documentaries and short films. Guidelines for student reportage will be published in September.

Volunteers: We need a dynamic team of festival volunteers. This is a great opportunity to learn about event organising. 

... and of course we welcome all Londoners to enjoy Nordic culture with their families and friends.


Event types

Nordic Saturday Nights: 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th Feb

Nordic Sunday Trails: 5th, 12th and 19th Feb

Nordic Film Wednesdays: 8th, 15th and 22nd Feb

Nordic Question Time: Sunday 26th Feb

Nordic London Festival on Facebook

There is a public Facebook page called "Bilingual Potential - Nordic Festival". Like it, if you would like to get festival updates, or just visit it when you want to check what's going on. 

There is a closed Facebook group called "Nordic Festival" for those who want to be part of organising, volunteering, hosting and performing at the Nordic London Festival. If you are not on Facebook and would like to be part of the preparations, please send a message using the contact form on the website. 

The Face of Migration portraits by Minna Rossi Photography

In October 2016 23 Nordic Londoners posed for the Face of Migration portraits by Minna Rossi. After all we are migrants too, like a third of Londoners according to the 2011 census. 

Event Listing

view details
Nordic Saturday Nights
4 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Film Salon
8 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Saturday Nights
11 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Food Trail
Nordic Sunday Trails
12 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Film Salon
15 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Saturday Nights
18 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Sunday Trails
19 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Film Salon
22 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Saturday Nights
25 Feb 2017
view details
Nordic Question Time
26 Feb 2017

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