12 Feb 2017

Nordic Food Trail

Nordic Sunday Trails

Face of Migration - Therese (Swe) by Minna Rossi Photography
Face of Migration - Therese (Swe) by Minna Rossi Photography 2

Photo: Face of Migration portrait of Swedish singer, writer and performer Therese Ramstedt, by Minna Rossi Photography, 

The Nordic Open Mic returns on Saturday 4th February

Music, comedy, dance, acting, cabaret, clownery, spoken word, juggling... There are 12 slots for performing artists bookable NOW.  Artists will be introduced when they book to perform. In the Nordic Open Mic 2016 we had two and half hours of live music, comedy, cabaret, spoken word, dance and clownery by Nordic Londoners. It was amazing.


Tickets are available from the 5th November. "Remember, remember the Nordic November". There are only 60 tickets in total. Only 60! Last year we had an audience of 85. Prices include the booking fee.

- Early Bird Tickets £13     (capped at 30 tickets by 31 Dec)

- Full Price Tickets £16      (all remaining tickets from 1 Jan) 


NB: Tickets are non-refundable. Please note that if you have not checked in at the door by 8:30 on the 4th Feb, we will make unclaimed seats available at the door for the full price of £16. 


Doors will open at 8pm for people to find seats, chat and enjoy the licensed bar and snacks. Please, please, please arrive by 8:30, so that we don't give up your seats to people asking for last minute tickets at the door. We know there will be people asking. Don't count on getting a ticket at the door though, it is likely to be SOLD OUT. Performances will begin at 9pm. There will be three sets of performances with two intervals to top up drinks and powder noses. We will need to leave the lovely Tea House Theatre by midnight. 


Who can book to perform? Nordic artists based in London. Who is Nordic?  If you can describe what makes you a Nordic, then you are. Performance lengths are 5, 10 or 15 minutes, agreed individually. Use Contact Form on this website. 

Therese and Knut

Knut Olav Rygnestad (Nor) and Therese Ramstedt (Swe) met through singing with the London Contemporary Voices. United by their mutual Nordicness, they bonded quickly and soon started collaborating as a duo. For the Nordic Open Mic, Knut and Therese will give the live premiere of a few of their 'Songs of Eternal Desire' - their current project which explores the artistry of Swedish poet Karin Boye.