Bilingualism specialist and sociologist of bilingual family Soile Pietikainen
Soile Pietikainen. Photo: Eva Slusarek

News: The things I do and the people I work with

The News section is about what I get up to and with who. For what I think, see the blog. 


Partnerships and collaborations:

The Bilingual Fluency team:


Media coverage and resources:

Many more collaborations are happening. More introductions are coming up.  

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Research: Is bilingual childcare worth it?

A research report on how 4-year-old children use languages in bilingual childcare. Does bilingual childcare help them become bilingual? Do some children benefit more than others? 

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Making of Bilingual Fluency

Fancy a peek behind the scenes to the two fun days of filming for the Bilingual Fluency project? 

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Jonas Grimås and his film team

There would be no Bilingual Fluency online course without Jonas Grimås. If you haven't got a Jonas in your life, I recommend that you should get your own Jonas immediately. Hundreds of film students would agree. 

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Family abroad -project

I am delighted to be an expert panel member for the Perhe maailmalla (Family abroad) project that is a collaboration by two old favourites of mine: The Finnish Life Long Learning Foundation and the Finland Society. I write for them as well. In Finnish. 

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Public speaking coach Kate Gilbert

One might think that I perform on video day in day out, but sadly, no. I am a total beginner. My apparent ease is thanks to public speaking coach Kate Gilbert. 

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Discover Europe Street News

Have you heard of the Europe Street News?  It is an online magazine founded by Italian journalist Claudia Delpero to provide quality information to us Europeans. I contribute to it on the bilingualism topic, but that is not the reason to subscribe. Claudia Delpero's work is the reason. 

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Suomeksi - In Finnish

What other people thought about my work. Articles, blogs and one radio programme about my work or commenting on my work in Finnish. Including a user review of Bilingual Cake. 

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The Elephant Mum

I was interviewed by the Elephant Mum. Elephant mum is a blog by an Italian mum in Finland. This cheerful and original blog covers topics like expat dads, adoption and being a foreigner in Finland. 

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Families in Global Transition is active in the UK

Families in Global Transtion has opened an Affiliate in London to support expat families across the UK. You can participate in our meet ups from anywhere in the UK via a videolink using ZOOM. 

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All the videos in one place

Find all our information videos about the Bilingual Fluency online course in one place on Soile's Vimeo page. 

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3 questions from Saturday school parents

I recently visited the Finnish Saturday School in London where I did my study on bilingual parent-child interaction. Here are my answers to the parents' questions about bilingualism.

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