Jonas Grimås and his film team

Swedish Film director and Film academic Jonas Grimås
Jonas Grimås

There would be no Bilingual Fluency online course without Jonas Grimås. If you haven't got a Jonas in your life, I recommend that you should get one immediately. Hundreds of film students would agree.

Jonas teaches at the London Film School and at the London MET Film School. Jonas is one of those extraordinary people who nurture the talent of others with kindness and generosity. No wonder Jonas has a dedicated following among his alumni. He inspires such warmth and gratitude that few university course directors can ever gream of inspiring. 

He is like that also as director. At the first sight Jonas's book The Film Director Prepares is a text book for aspiring film directors attending his seminar on all that needs to happen before the director calls "action" for the first time in a film production. However, in this book hides a first class lesson in leading people. 

Jonas' whole way of working is based on selecting a team and then giving every member of it the respect and autonomy to grow into the best profesional they can be. He sees the director as the "custodian of the idea". Jonas embodies what Simon Sinek describes as the leaders core role: to take care of the people who work for you. 

The making of the Bilingual Fluency online course

See the photos from of us filming the Bilingual Fluency videos "Making of Bilingual Fluency".

The backstory

I met Jonas when I was organising the first Nordic London Festival in January 2016. I was starting from scratch, searching for the who-is-who in Nordic arts in London. 

I came accross a fantastic film project called the Nordic Folk Song introducing Swedish artists living in London. I contacted the artists featured: dancer Tommy Franzen, painter Pernilla Iggström and the woman behind the Em-cartoon Maria Smedstad. I contacted the documentary film makers: journalist Emelie Hill Dittmer and producer/director Andreas Lindström. I kept digging and who was the mentor behind the makers? Jonas Grimås.

I looked through Jonas' back catalogue and sussed out just how widely respected he was in the Swedish community in London. He also looked like a really nice guy. So, I found his contact details and emailed him. Nothing. I emailed him again. Nothing.

No matter. I found out that Jonas was giving a talk at the Swedish church in London. I booked my place and sat through the event in Swedish understanding nothing. Then I waited everyone to socialise and mingle. As only 2-3 people were left I went to say hello to Jonas. 

Jonas joined the Nordic London Festival, doing an event about film directing a few weeks later in February 2016. Through the festival we got to know each other. Had I not put in the effort in January 2016, there would probably be no Bilingual Fluency videos in 2020.