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The best day of term?

Inset should empower people to make a positive contribution and to be appreciated for it. Learning cannot be poured in or fed with a spoon. Inset needs quality pedagogy designed for post-graduate adult learners. 

Inset should...

  • have an immediate and tangible positive impact on job satisfaction, morale and quality of our educational practice.
  • be built on the existing skills in our teaching teams.
  • develop whole school solutions that make everyone's life easier.
  • build professional learning community.
  • lead to individual professional development.

It is essential that Inset supports overall school development objectives and leads to improvements that we cannot wait to show to Ofsted inspectors. 

To achieve all this two important things are needed:

  • a professional development specialist focussed in the specific school and the people in it. 
  • a senior leadership team that trusts themselves and their staff.  


Say you were a headteacher considering Bilingual Potential as a possible Inset provider...

How would I go about creating an Inset package for your school?

I would want to know what would be the single biggest improvement to make your work as a head teacher easier. Then we would unpack that to see how the change could be achieved.

You would probably want to get a feel whether my way of working would fit with yours. I would definitely like to meet you in person. It is particularly important to speak face-to-face as I am likely to come up with ideas I want to show to you with drawings or models. 

Surely you would like to know more about my professional background in Postgraduate Professional Development. I would send that information by email in advance. 

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