Bilingual Cake flour and butter

How can I see a Bilingual Cake talk?

Most people see a Bilingual Cake talk at their workplace, school or community organisation. Talks can take place on lunch break, after school, on Saturdays and sometimes on weekday evenings.

Bilingual Cake talks can be booked by getting in touch with Bilingual Potential, for example by using the contact Form on the website. 

Sometimes I do Bilingual Cake talks that are open to the general public. Usually these are part of a festival or are hosted by a not-for-profit organisation that is willing to open their doors to the general public. The talks can take place in cafe's, community centres, community language schools, fringe theatres or in a pub with a theatre/cinema space. 

I give priority to venues and partners that promote one or more of the Bilingual Potential company values: sustainability, democracy and human rights. Even better if they share the company mission of promoting every child's right to learn and use the language(s) of their parents (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 30).

Examples of past venues of Bilingual Cake talks open to the general public have been the International Academy of Greenwich, Hill Station Cafe, Telegraph Hill Festival, the Finnish church in London and several Community language schools in London and around the UK. 




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