More effective bilingual parenting with the 20x20 method
The Old Lady arrives to help the Bilingual Princess. What is in her secret 20x20 box? Drawing by Henrik Mäkinen.

Bilingual Parenting should not be a full-time job


Raising fluently bilingual children does not need to take all your waking hours. Something so natural should not be so hard.

You do not need to bombard your child with ever more input and exposure. You do not need to insist that your child always speaks your language to you. Most surprisingly, you do not need to always speak your language to your child. There is the right time and place for everything. 

Bilingual parents can achieve excellent language results for their children in far less time.

The 20x20 method of Bilingual Speech Activation makes bilingual parenting much more effective. The parent suddenly has far more time to relax and enjoy family life without worrying about bilingualism. The child feels a sense of achievement and their self-confidence grows. 

One of the most stressful things about bilingual parenting is the worry that if you fail to always speak your language to your child, then you are failing as a bilingual parent.

This is not true. You do not need to be constantly alert. You do not need to always speak your language to the child for bilingual parenting to work brilliantly.

But you do need to know what you are doing and why. 

The Bilingual Fluency online course is all about teaching parents how to really enjoy bilingual parenting. We do so by teaching parents the 20x20 seconds method.

Why? Because with this method you can achieve the one thing that matters more than anything in bilingual parenting: 

Parent and child having good time while joyfully speaking the minority language with each other. 

With the 20x20 method your child's language improves fast, while you are spending less time on it. 

Less work for the parent. More fluent bilingualism for the child.

More relaxed life together.  

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