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Have you heard of the Europe Street News?  Now you have. It is an online magazine founded by Italian journalist Claudia Delpero.

The Europe Street News is one of the several good European things to come out of the Brexit vote here in Britain. I contribute to the Europe Street News on the bilingualism topic, but that is not the reason to subscribe to Europe Street. Claudia Delpero's work is. 

According to the Spokesman -the journal of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation- Europe Street News is: "One of the best online sources for Brexit" (2017), and nowadays also for all issues to do with being European in the post-Brexit world. 

Claudia founded the Europe Street News in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote in August 2016 when she was coming to terms with it as an EU citizen in the UK. The pace of political events was lightning fast, the noise level was high - a shouting match really - and the quality of the actual information provided by the mainstream media was frankly lacking in depth and understanding of  European issues, impact on EU citizens and the EU as an institution.

Claudia decided to start an online magazine to inform EU citizens of the implications of Brexit. The implications of course were the most pressing for us EU27 citizens in the UK and British citizens residing in the EU27 - anyone who was hit by Brexit while using the EU free movement of labour as the legal basis for living in another EU country. Boy, was that needed! In the Brexit cacophony the impact on near 5 million people was treated as a side note. A mere collateral. 

Europe Street News is first and foremost a reliable source of well-researched information for all of us who identify as Europeans, both British citizens who now have been stripped of their EU citizenship and for us EU27 citizens. 

Europe Street News does not cover daily events at all. All articles are evergreen content about citizenship, society, politics and economy. It is like a growing bank of sharply written answers to clever questions most of us would not have even thought to ask, or question for which there are no reliable answers literally anywhere else. 

Europe Street is fully independent of party politics. Realiable high quality information is the name of the game. The approach is transnationally European. This is the opposite of narrow national point scoring. As soon as you start reading the Europe Street News you notice how central to the whole magazine is to explain the practical human impact big events have on us as Europeans. 

Claudia Delpero is a journalist specialised in reporting on the EU and on international affairs. Alumni of the political sciences at Turin University she has worked in media and public affairs all over the place: Europe, Asia and Africa. In her native Italy she worked as a journalist. While being a press officer at the European Parliament she covered constitutional affairs. Her job as the Head of Communications for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) took her from Brussels to Beijing, Cina. 

Now she lives in London and pampers us with her excellent writing in the Europe Street News.



I contribute to the Europe Street News: