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The Elephant Mum blog is about an Italian/multicultural family living in Finland

The Elephant Mum Q&A 2020

On 19 April 2020 we did an Instagram Live event in collaboration between the Elephant Mum and Bilingual Potential. Here are the resulting Q&A articles.

Elephant Mum Q&A 2020: How to plan for a bilingual family moving from Finland to Australia? 


The Elephant Mum - a multicultural family adventure is a blog by Paola, an Italian mathematician who lives in Finland with her family.

I am also definitely another elephant mum, hence it is hardly surprising that Paola and I got on famously. 

Paola is an excellent interviewer. She had such interesting questions and she is such an intelligent conversation partner that it was a real pleasure to give her the best answers I could.

Our recorded Skype conversation lasted a marathon three hours. Then Paola had the admirable patience to extract two articles full of really well-selected answers from that enormous material. 

This interview contains lot of personal stuff about me, as well as plenty of sociology and some usual details that I have never talked about any other interview.  

Paola's blog covers some topics that not many multilingual family blogs cover.

For example there is a collection of articles on international adoption called Adoption Conversations and a heart warming collection of articles about expat fatherhood called Daddy's got this

Her topic Growing up in a multicultural family is a series of case studies of individual people's multicultural life stories.

And of course Paola has a useful collection of blog posts about being an expat in Finland as well as an impressive list of links to other expat bloggers in Finland. 

Here Paola tells about herself.


These are the two articles Paola wrote based on her Skype interview with me.  Enjoy:

Bilingualism in children I Soile Pietikäinen I Part 1

Bilingualism in children I Soile Pietikäinen I Part 2