What makes a happy transition for an internationally mobile family?

Family consultancy clients and adult children of expat families I have highligted to me the pressures on wellbeing of spouses and children arising from international business assignments. 

Prior research has shown that family matters are by far the most important factors in making or breaking these assignments. Moreover, participants in prior research have highlighted that the cross cultural training they received did not necessarily prepare them for the emotional impact or relocation. 

Although there is plenty of research focussing on the professional moving to a new assignment, few researchers have studied the often decisive element of family processes. 

Hence I am carrying out research into what really matters in making assignments work for the whole family. I am interviewing employers, professionals on assignment, spouses, children and staff at international schools. 

As far my review of related literature has revealed so far, there are no previous studies that have looked at the expatriate as a social unit in its own right as well as in interaction with a workplace and with a school.

If you would like to be interviewed in any above mentioned capacity, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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