Expat Employer Services

Services for employers with international or globally mobile staff teams



Working abroad is great, especially for us adults. However, it creates challenges for family life, children's wellbeing, language development and education. Bilingual Potential offers a range of services for employers to help the settled or relocating families overcome these challenges. 

Linguistic human resources of employees are currently undervalued. We know that multilingual teams are particularly good at resolving problems. At Bilingual Potential we think that this human potential could be used systematically rather than being left to chance.

Expat Employer services

Services for employers of internationally mobile professionals

On-site talks, workshops and bespoke training for employees

Bilingual Cake Q&A for parents of bilingual families, up to 90 minutes £1000

Bilingual Cake family assessment workshop and Q&A for parents of bilingual families, 3h, £3000

Bespoke Expat Employee training workshop for globally mobile parentshealthy language development during globally mobile childhood, 3h, £5000

Bespoke Expat Employer training workshop for global mobility professionals – understanding family stress as a risk factor for international business assignment completion, 3h, £5000

Prices consist of the fee plus expenses. No expenses for events in London zones 1-6. Prices stated here are valid for events in the EU and EEA area. For events outside of the EU/EEA please ask for a quote. 

Company packages of global distance support for mobile staff

Tailored support packages of Bilingual Potential family services for companies with globally mobile staff members.

These can include any level of support ranging from group services like webinars to individual courses and private family consultancies. We even offer family crisis resolution support for situations where assignment completion comes under pressure because of the negative impact of global transition on spouses and children. 

These support packages are annual subscriptions designed to meet the needs of a specific employment context. These packages are unique to each company.

Research and Development Partnerships

Research and Development Partnerships at strategic leadership level. In these partnerships we resolve specific human resources and human relationship dynamics problems or we create new processes to enhance the use of linguistic human resources for productivity.

Building on Soile's background as a sociologist and as a social research methodologist we harness the power of applied workplace research as a tool for leadership thinking.

This type of work would typically involve a process of problem definition, baseline assessment, target setting, methodology development, intervention, an organisational learning phase, impact evaluation, target adjustment and a consolidation phase. 


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