What was it like?

"I thoroughly enjoyed your talk. It was really inspiring and certainly gave me new ideas and energy to persevere!" (Mother of Danish-English bilingual child in primary school)

”The best thing about the [Bilingual Cake] talk were undoubtedly the home remedies she taught us. I mean a multilingual family can start using them immediately with little difficulty. We started using them straight away, as I already mentioned, and in one week there has been a big change in how junior uses language: he is answering to me almost exclusively in Finnish, which previously I thought impossible. In addition I am better at noticing when the child does not know a word in one language or another, and I know when to offer them to him.” (Mother of German-Finnish-English trilingual family writing in her blog about her toddler)

"I found Bilingual Cake an informed and engaging talk about raising kids in a bilingual environment at home. Soile has carried out extensive research on the matter and also speaks from her own experience of raising her kids in Italian, Finnish and English. The talk revealed what the many challenges of achieving biligualism are and also provided some tools to succeed at it. I would recommend attending to any parent that is raising kids in a bi/multilingual household." (Catalan-Castiglian-English speaking mother of a baby)"

"Thank you for taking my guilt away." (Elderly parent of 2nd generation adults who never learned to speak Finnish as children, but one of whom is learning it now of her own initiative because she genuinely needs it.)


If you would like share with me how you used the ideas from Bilingual Cake or to enquire about Bilingual Cake Talks for your organisation, drop a line below. 



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