Bilingual Fluency

"A little tweak gets children to speak"


What is the one thing that makes bilingual parenting easy?

It is when our children happily chat to us in our language.

Do you live abroad? Do you speak your language to your child, but your child won't speak your language back to you? If yes, then the Bilingual Fluency online course could be for you.

Maybe you have been told that if you just keep speaking your language to your child, then one day your child will speak your language too, but...

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”  (Albert Einstein)

To have a different outcome, we need to do something different.

But what to do when your child won't speak your language?

The Bilingual Fluency online course teaches WHAT to do differently and HOW to do it.

Within a few months your child can enjoy speaking your language.


It is common for bilingual children to appear to understand two languages but only to speak one.

Luckily it does not have to be that way. They can speak both languages, if the parent has the skills to help them. Those skills can be learned.



The secret of making bilingual parenting easy is learning parenting skills that achieve fast language development in a short period of time.

I know this from experience. Years ago I had the same problem with my daughter. When she was 3-years-old she stopped speaking Finnish to me. This is me telling the story of how I reactivated my daughter's Finnish language in a matter weeks by using sociology. 



In this course you learn how to have great conversations with your child in your language, without insisting or nagging about language. 


This course is suitable for you if:

1) your child currently seems to understand you, but does not speak your language.

2) your child is asking you to stop speaking your language to them.  

3) your child previously spoke your language, but has now stopped, for example after starting pre-school.

4) your child can speak your language, but prefers to respond in their stronger language and you find youself nagging or giving up. 


The Bilingual Fluency online course teaches you how to achieve bilingual fluency for your child by using less time in a smarter way. Bilingual parenting does not need to be a full-time job. 

For example you will learn:

  • when to let your child mix languages and when to focus on one language rigorously.

  • a clear strategy to get your child to switch to your language whenever you need them to.


The crucial actions a parent needs to perform only take less than 7 minutes per day. To be more precise, it takes...

20x20 seconds

Yes. It takes 20x20 seconds every day to practice the skills taught in the Bilingual Fluency course. 

That really adds up to less than 7 minutes per day.

You don't even have to speak your language to your child all the time.

Actually, it is better if you don't.

These methods are so effective that overdoing it will only stress your child out. After learning the 20x20 method both of you will have so much more time to just relax and enjoy your life together. 



Raising a bilingual child can be easy

It may seem utopian. You have tried everything you can think of to no avail. Maybe you have received advice like this:

"Always speak your language to your child"

Always? How am I supposed to do that?

"Keep speaking your language to your child."

What? Even if they don't understand?

"Show videos, take to playgroups, sing songs, read books, hire nannies, travel often..."

Help!!! I haven't got the money! I haven't got the time! I can't keep up!

Thankfully - you don't have to.


What will I learn?

  • ​Week 1: Learn to understand your family

  • Week 2: Learn to understand your communication style 

  • Week 3: Learn to activate your child's speech in your language

  • Week 4: Learn to lift your child's bilingualism towards two native languages.


The Bilingual Fluency online course takes one month to complete. Each week you get three video lessons, a quiz and practical tasks to do at home with your child.

And yes, new skills aren't effortless. You will need to practice daily to master the new skills. However, it only takes a couple of months to become confident and effective in using these new skills. Once you have mastered them they become like second nature. 


Then bilingualism is no longer a chore - for either of you. 


The Bilingual Fluency online course is based on the Bilingual Speech Activation methodology that Soile has been using since 2011 with bilingual and trilingual families who speak all kinds of different language combinations.

They all shared a problem: their child would not speak a language a parent spoke to them. 

Soile developed the Bilingual Speech Activation methodology based on her PhD research project in London, UK. For 4 years I studied how parents and children really communicate in bilingual homes. She wanted to know:

What is different about the families that are unusually successful in bilingual parenting?

She discovered what it is and started to teach that discovery to other families so that they too could succeed in stress-free bilingual parenting.

As a parent herself she knows that time is a precious comodity, especially when children are little. This course covers the most effective methods I have developed to help children speak their parent's language.

Learning a few new parenting skills now makes bilingual parenting so much easier later.  

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