Research: Is bilingual childcare worth it?

Is bilingual childcare worth it?
Toy animals and building blocks - Is bilingual childcare worth it?

Bilingual childcare does not benefit all children in the same way. Bilingual childcare also varies greatly in guality of provision. Parents need to be able to figure out if a specific bilingual childcare arrangement would be beneficial for their child at a particular time. 

Below you can download a research report from a case study I did in a bilingual day nursery on how children really use their languages when they are given an excellent yearly years setting that also encourages the use of two languages. 

It turned out that neither excellence in childcare, nor a systematic encouragement to use two languages were enough to elicit minority language use from the children.

Evidence also emerged that some children's bilingualism benefited from attending a bilingual day nursery, while other children did not develop bilingual skills at all. This depended on the children's family background and on their language profile.

I hope this report will help parents think through their childcare choices.