Bilingual Cake ebook

An different way to think about bilingual families


I have been procrastinating on this for too many years. In spring 2020 I am finally publishing the book version of my Bilingual Cake talk.

What on earth is Bilingual Cake?

Back in 2011 I was at the data analysis stage of my PhD project. I had been studying how bilingual parents and their school-aged children really use their languages in natural parent-child conversations. I had made discoveries that had challenged much of what I though I knew about bilingual parenting. That is good, bacause resolving the problem I wanted to resolve required a proper shake up of received wisdom, my own fixed ideas included.

The purpose of my study was to find out why some bilingual families succeed in bilingual parenting with apparent ease, while the vast majority of bilingual parenting attempts runs into problems early on. I had seen time and again that in familes that apparently similar and using apparently similar bilingual parenting strategies children's language outcomes could be startlingly different. I had seen tens of families in my own community abandon bilingual parenting when children just woudl not speak the language.

My thinking was that if I could discover the hidden reason that explains this phenomenon, then it would become possible to teach all bilingual parents how to succeed in raising happily bilingual children.

In 2011 I made that breakthrough and I wanted to communicate it to bilingual parents. That is how the Bilingual Cake talk was born. For years people have been asking me to publish it as a book. That is what the ebook is about.

More news coming very soon.

Bilingual Cake ebook