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Bilingual Potential - the company



Bilingual Potential Ltd was founded in August 2015 by Soile Pietikäinen.

Mission and values

The company’s mission is to advance linguistic equality by enabling children to learn and use all the languages they need in their family and their environment. There are three company values: sustainability, democracy and human rights.

Bilingual people

Bilingual Potential provides services for bilingual families and employment for bilingual adults. We are by, for and about bilingual people. We serve people whom are already bilingual and people who would like to become bilingual.

Company run for social, cultural and environmental benefits

Our success in measured in positive social, cultural and environmental outcomes. This is very different from a profit driven business model. Everything we do is informed by this objective. Even banking. We are proud to bank with Triodos, a bank that only finances businesses run for social, cultural or environmental benefits. Banking as it should be:   

Independence and continuity of services

Our business model is based almost entirely on trading. Families need bilingualism services that can be created relatively quickly for many languages and different learning needs. Such speed and flexibility can only be achieved if we are independent from external funding decisions. We cannot wait for the state or local authorities to provide the service our families need. That will never happen.

Company Limited by Shares

There is a good reason why no one has provided services like this before: the previous organisation models cannot handle this level of diversity. It was necessary to create a new organisation model. Much consideration has gone into choosing the legal structure. Interestingly, the only option that was flexible enough to accommodate the new organisation model and also could guarantee the social mission was Company Limited by Shares.

Reinvesting in our mission

As the company is run for social, cultural and environmental benefits, it is only logical that we reinvest in achieving those aims. This includes things like carbon neutrality, continued expansion of services for more languages, extensive investment in staff development, pro bono events for community language schools and of course development of new producst and services to help bilingual families.

Carbon neutral company

We are committed to run a carbon neutral company. We will minimise our environmental impact in all areas of activity. At the end of each year we will have an environmental audit that estimates how much we have polluted regardless of our best efforts.

We will off set this pollution through Sandbag: Through Sandbag individuals and companies can buy and permanently destroy excess permits to pollute from the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).


Bilingual Potential jobs are unconventional. This is a chance to be part of creating a new profession. We are about to begin building a happy and stable staff team. 

Based on research evidence there are three things that make people happy at work:

  • Meaning: doing something important.
  • Learning: developing professionally.
  • Money: forgetting about it.

Meaningful work and constant professional development are easy to understand. Forgetting about money may sound less obvious.

When income is predictable people can forget about it and concentrate on their work.

  • Our pricing is designed to guarantee fair and predictable pay to all our staff. We do not push prices down at the expense of our staff.
  • We will never use performance related pay. It damages quantity and quality of thinking work by focussing thoughts on income uncertainty instead of the job at hand.

For en entertaining introduction see Dan Pink's RSA animate video on this.